Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adventure Away

The mandatory safety drill was at 4pm. It was necessary and dare-i-say fun cause it brought home that you are on a boat that is about to be in the ocean. Do i have pics of us in our cabin numbered life jackets or the staff carrying the Mickey head shaped directional signs or the super-hottie who was our sectional leader? Nope. Too excited. 400 pictures in a week might sound like a lot to some people, but i really feel like i fell down on the snaps. Oh well. At 4:45 there a giant deck party called Adventures Away and when i say "giant deck party" i am not exaggerating. The performers were on the stage next to the Goofy pool (the family pool right in the center of Deck 9 between the smokestacks that has a Deck 10 balcony running around it) under the jumbotron while the crowd is over the pool was covered over with decking and all around the Deck 10 balcony. We had streamers and there was much music and dancing as the cruise director, Christiaan introduced the activities staff for kids, teens and adults and then brought out characters for more dancing. We were up on Deck 10 over the stage and you will notice that my glass is now clear instead of pink. This one was some strawberry and rum thing; only after i drank half of it did i realize the glass didn't match the first one and discovered there were 5 colors of souvenir glasses to choose from. [eventually i got 4 of the 5; teehee] At the end of the show the captain blew the ship's whistle -the first notes of When You Wish Upon a Star- and we pulled out of dock. Being a boat person -i love water- i rushed to the bow in time to see a deckhand attach himself to a safety line to go all the way to the very front of the ship to lower the "home docked" flag. I wanted to go out there but it is off-limits to guests, dangit. We then walked all the way around Deck 10 to the bow where there was a great view of the open water and our wake. With the wind whipping around us it instantly became my favorite place to just watch the ocean and imagine what wonders might lay ahead.

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