Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who were those masked women?!?

Don't we look like the world's worst bank robbers? I couldn't stand being 1000 miles away from my sick mommy so i took a few days off and flew to Florida. She has been moved from the hospital to a rehabilitative nursing complex for the duration of the MRSA treatment. Since she is infectious and everyone else in the place is old and infirmed she has to be quarantined. Good news : no roommate. Bad news : she can't leave her room to go to bingo or meals or anything else. Also if you visit her, you have to wear the mask. Technically i think i am not supposed to touch her or wear gloves if i do, but screw that. Yesterday i gave her a pedicure in the afternoon and a manicure in the evening without gloves. If i get sick it will be worth how happy that contact made her. Today is Easter. Since she is responding well to the MRSA treatment and the pneumonia seems to be breaking up we were allowed to go outside. Even toting oxygen and wearing the mask she was super happy to see the sun and feel some fresh air. I am cautiously optimistic that the treatment is going to work and she will go home in a week or 2 - my optimism is very cautious at this point. It has been one thing after another for 5 months. She is sick of being sick and frankly i can only carry so much stress. But for today, things are looking up {knock on wood}. Happy Easter!


Melanie said...

Happy Easter, and best wishes to your mom!!

(Love the Thelma & Louise look in the first picture!)

Kaaren said...

Sending you lots of love, hugs and stress-free mudslides!