Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pirates IN the Carribean

If you own both a ride and a movie franchise called Pirates of the Caribbean and you are running a cruise ship through the Caribbean, you better be sure to have a pirate party. Starting at dinner everything is full-on pirate themed. There were various levels of dressed up, but everyone was looking to party. Jack Sparrow is wandering around for photo ops. It is a blast. Douglas owns a wonderful pirate costume, complete with hook and brocade great coat. I wasn't really feeling the pirate thing before i left, but i did have a fabulous eyepatch with pink rhinestones on it and an inflatable cutlass. Somehow, though, i managed to get no pictures of myself. Starting around 10:00pm there was a pirate themed buffet on Deck 9 by the family pool. Once again it was too close to dinner for me to eat anything, but the spread and the decorations were impressive. I love that watermelon skull. As Douglas demonstrates here having a hook does make it easier to hold your fruit smoothie (which comes with a light-up Tinkerbell, BTW). The pool was covered over with decking and the cruise staff put on a full dance-along show with appearances by Mr. Smee, Captain Hook and Stitch in pirate gear. As the dance party built to a frenzy, Mickey Mouse appeared at the top of one smoke stack and ZIP-LINED high over top of the crowd across to the other smokestack which triggered the start of the fireworks. Disney is the only cruise line licenced to shoot pyrotechnics at sea. You know how much i love foreworks. I'm not sure if i could possibly have been more excited at this point; i'm a bit surprised i didn't lose my voice with the singing and screaming. To top it all off, they then screened Pirates of the Caribbean : Secret of the Black Pearl on the Jumbotron so i was watching a movie about ships in the Caribbean while on deck of a ship in the Caribbean. The rolling of the deck, the wind and the salt spray made it seem like immersion theater. The whole evening was definitely one of my favorite things about the entire cruise. (if only the buffet had been after the movie)

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