Monday, December 12, 2011

back to class

One of my 40 While I'm 40 is to take a class at the community college and since another one is to make a line of recycled jewelry, i signed up for a 4 week beading class. It was the first time i've been in a formal classroom in almost 15 years and it was an interesting experience.
Now that i teach classroom programs, it is hard to sit there being the student without considering how i would be teaching the subject. My instructor knew her material, but didn't seem to have much of a plan. The quality of the sessions was vastly different between the 4 weeks.
I went in with 3 specific learning goals in mind and through a lot of questioning (yes, i am THAT kid in class)was able to accomplish all of them.
Here is a quick break-down of the beading we learned, with my projects:
- first we learned about tools and findings so i made these straight blue glass hooks to go with my uniform and these straight hematite and purple hooks;
- next up was chain work where we had to create hanging bead hooks to attach to a bracelet; i of, course, went with uniform colors and made matching earrings;
- crimping is a way to secure beads to wire and i did both a long necklace and a set of reverse drop earrings;
- these are jointed for extra movement;
- lastly, we touched on spiraling and wire work; i had time to finish a set of uniform colored earrings and this drop pendant that i am still searching for the correct chain to finish.

It was a worthwhile experience and i feel much more prepared to create my jewelry line.
Plus, that is another thing checked off of the list!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

such beautiful and unique pieces :) love it!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! WAY TO MULTITASK! & purty creations!!!!


Melanie said...

Wow, those are beautiful!

Brenda*Nery said...

Pretty cool

Rea said...

All very nice! I like the pink and amber ones...and the "squirrelly" blue ones.

Niki said...

Funny that you should mention the pink and amber...