Wednesday, December 14, 2011

please fasten your seatbelts

You know how i like declaring my intentions for accountability.
I have until my birthday to get my blog totally caught-up -per the 40 While I'm 40 list- but i want to get it done sooner.
There are over 20 posts in the queue and i want to get at least 15 of them done by new year's.
That's right, people; I have no idea how i am going to get that done either since i see new things that i want to share every day. Plus while i am at my mom's new place for the holiday i won't have internet access.
Sooooo, i am going to try to double and triple post on the days when i can to get this puppy done.
Keep an eye out, cause coming up there will be giant cows, airplanes, New York, Guinness World Records, 30 Seconds to Mars, punkin pyramids, local lights, Pearl Harbor, a tree swing, public art, jewelry, more jewelry, pulling pearls from oysters, Christmas ornaments, Hawaiian blow holes, sock monkeys, geeky field trips, a book signing, and sunset over the North Shore.
Wish me luck.

thursday addition: i totally forgot to mention the domino topple!

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Rea said... monkeys! I saw you buried it in the list...but they are there! :) away! I suppose I ought to post away too. I said I was going to do daily for 60 have only 12 in my queue...