Thursday, December 15, 2011

the evil genius of Swiss Colony

Every holiday season i have shared with you here in the Nikiverse my unrestrained joy at receiving a package from Swiss Colony that has been sent by my brother.
I can't even reasonably explain why tiny tortes and cheeses and sausages and chocolates in red and green boxes fill me with such delight. I mean these are things that we would never normally even eat at any other time of the year.
I remember looking through the catalog as a child dreaming that some day, some how, someone just might send me a holiday tower.
Crazy, right?
Today when i got home today from my massage there at my door was a telltale green and red box.
Once again, my big bro has not failed me - the Swiss Colony treats have arrived!
Little did i know that he outdid himself this year.
First up - solid chocolate penguin Santas:

Okay, i acknowledge they they look more like chicken Santas, but i can support that, too.

Then i open the box with a label that reads label Reindeer Tower.
Being familiar with their holiday towers i figured it would be a fun assortment with pictures of reindeers on the boxes. Maybe even goodies in reindeer tins. Perhaps regular boxes, but with a solid chocolate reindeer on top.

Not even close.

I could never ever ever have expected this:
It is a fricking tower shaped like a reindeer.
Do you see the wistful expression?
And the half-cocked smile?
And his pom-pom nose?
And the Christmas lights twirled around his antlers, for pity's sake?
It is so adorable that it makes my spleen hurt a little bit.

And know what?

Each piece of him is a box filled with goodies.
His head has candy pretzels,
his body has carmel toffe crunch,
and even the wee little present in his paws has chocolates in it.

I'm telling you, the designers at Swiss Colony are evil geniuses.

I heartily thank David Jon for sending their diabolical goodness to my home.


Rea said...

I can support chickens santas!!


Douglas said...

Was there a wee ham?

Niki said...

No wee ham this year...

Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS SWISS COLONY!! i STILL dream of getting something from there...maybe one day i'll treat have a very good bro-man fer sure fer sure!!!