Friday, December 2, 2011


Do you get fan mail at your job?
I do.
Honestly, i think everyone should.
Imagine how much happier the world would be if people got hand-written notes that said things like, Thanks for delivering that letter to me, Way to design that kickin' website, Tax accountants rock my world, Nobody rings up my Twinkies better than you, or Yes, i DID want fries with that - you're like a mind reader, thanks.
On the team we call fan mail "love letters" and this week i received a packet of amazing letters and drawings from a fifth grade class. The last few years i have been despairing that spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting do not seem to be taught at all in schools any more so i was delighted that these were legible, understandable and even articulate. Plus there were fabulous drawings of explosions (it was after a chemistry show).
There were great quotes about wanting to be a scientist and how much fun the show was and how we showed them that "science isn't just boring stuff" (yikes; you know a piece of the teacher's heart died when she read that one) but about halfway through the pile i came across the quote that is so hyperbolic, so freaking fabulous that the Asst Dir of Guest Services thinks that we should put it on  t-shirt:
...that was the best hour of school that has been or will be at {school name}.
You wonder why i chose to work a job with terrible hours and crappy pay - THAT's why.

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Brenda*Nery said...

;) I love your writing