Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well-Being Massage Studio

In my unending quest to do new things every month, i used a Living Social deal to get a 90 minute hot stone massage today at a studio in Columbia, by the Mall.
It was different from any other massage with stones that i've had before because at various points there were stones under me, over me, on me and even between my toeses. Plus they were really hot, which is a good thing for me cause i love the heat.
The very beginning of the appointment was a bit rocky because i realized that the therapist was a guy. It is funny how it never occurred to me that it might be a dude cause every massage i have ever has was by a woman. I mean, it never crossed my mind, so imagine my surprise when Yuri introduced himself. There was about 5 minutes of internal freaking out (hello? mostly naked here with some dude i don't know touching me), but of course it was totally fine in the end. He was completely professional and once that first stone came in contact with my skin i couldn't have cared less it the therapist was male, female or tentacled alien.
This was also super different for what i am used to because his specialty is deep tissue massage. I asked for medium pressure and in hindsight i can't begin to imagine what hard pressure would have felt like because this guy really dug into those muscles. Tension didn't stand a chance with Yuri on the case because by jiminey he was going to knead those knots into submission.
His style was much more brisk and forceful than my beloved massage therapist Lynn's, but it was a valuable experience. I can report that there are definitely no tension spots in any of my muscles (i'm pretty sure Yuri wouldn't have let me leave if there were).
They have really good introductory massage rates and comparably priced normal rates which you can find here.
I still recommend Massage Associates above everyone else, but this is a good deal and a great technique if you like hot stones.

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