Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i want a punkin pyramid

So the weather has been really odd the last few months, right?
It snowed before Halloween and it was in the 60's in December.
But it has meant that we've been able to adventure during lunch longer into the school year than normal.
A few weeks ago TM Joey and I were in a more rural part of Maryland and as we passed an orchard stand i spotted a big pumpkin pyramid set off on the side of the road.
That was certainly cause for a U-turn, which i did while shrieking Punkins! Punkin Pyramid! because it was December and you don't expect to see pumpkins in December and it is a well known fact that i loves me some punkins.
Meanwhile Joey is like Wait... what are you talking about?
When we pulled into the parking lot of the Catoctin Mountain Orchard i was besides myself with joy and he was giving me a strange look; How did you even SEE this from the other side of the highway?
To which i could only answer How did you NOT see it?
i am on tiptoes trying to be as tall as a cheeky anthropomorphic apple;
there are so many things wrong with that
Farmer Joey
Farmer Crazy-Eyes Gonna-Kill-You

educational flip signs; YES!

though even the signs couldn't make me understand this concrete cup tree


Douglas said...

I wonder if it's a Jack O' Lantern pyramid in October? That would be really cool!

Douglas said...

Joey-Niki is Queen of spotting things you don't see every day. Even across traffic.