Saturday, December 17, 2011

jewelry roundup 4

I get a great deal of satisfaction from matching my jewelry to some tiny detail in my outfit that most people wouldn't even notice.
After buying a new shade of nail polish (bought on sale with a coupon, making the bottle 88 cents) i realized that i had an enamel tulip pin was the exact same shade. I found it years ago for a dollar, but had never worn because it was an odd off-pink. I can't imagine anyone noticed since they were on different sides of my body, but it made me giggle inside all day.

While this clip earring that i slipped onto the band of a side ponytail is almost the exact pattern as the post earrings i'm wearing (you can almost see it in the picture).
Both were randomly found in the 25 pound box of junk jewelry, making the whole ensemble about 15 cents.
Love it.

This leaf pin has rare red AB crystals that makes it kinda hard to match to an outfit, so i tossed it onto the top of a side braid with my uniform. Anything can go with khaki (perhaps the only saving grace for khaki; i hate khaki).

One of my favorite pins is this heavy deco-inspired deal from the mid 80's.
It is a rather bold statement and I found an onxy ring that perfectly matches. It is really different from my normal girly choices, but i have loved it since i saw it for the first time a jillion years ago when i was a mallrat.

As the days get shorter i like to sport traditionally springish or summery pieces to chase away the cold; these clip earring have a lot going on with painted leaves, cut crystals and plastic flowers.

This pin was one of my mom's favorites in the 80's and i love feeling like she is with me when i wear it. Being so large and dangly you really have to find the right placement for it and i thought holding a traditional twist bun together highlighted it nicely.

In fact, buns that are well pinned make the perfect platform for larger, more ornate pins that could overwhelm a blouse, like this cool pearl and white circle that is a new $3 acquisition from the local thrift store.

Meanwhile a delicate wire and pink crystal pin is a better for this messy side knot.

Colored cut crystals make me so happy;

they make every day feel special and sparkly so this flame shaped single clip earring got tucked among the twists of some whimsy hair when i performed three shows for a state engineering group.

Speaking of sparkles, these flaring clips were the very first vintage pieces that i ever owned with AB crystals. I inherited them, along with a fabulous matching pin, from my great-aunts.
They are just a touch of color that match any outfit.
I made the snowman earrings from a kit to practice eyehook loops.
They are getting a lot of wear right now; here they make an appearance at my work holiday party with another inherited piece. This pin that my mom chose for me after her mother died amazes me with its needlepoint flower.
How was this even manufactured?

Looking through the pictures for this post i also realized that with the imminent holiday not only are the snowmen showing up often, so is this bulky red sweater. However, this day instead of going with a big brooch on the collar, i went with a tiny initial pin tacking down the color and this crazy necklace that i got at a flea market like 14 years ago when the uniform at work was red. I've never seen anything like its coils, beads and tiny gold drops.

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