Monday, December 19, 2011

i heart girl geeks

How many of you read Cake Wrecks?
Hilarious, right?
I enjoy it, but i really love the author's personal blog, Epbot.
Jen is a full-on girl geek.
I appreciate her humor and that she loves so many things that i love, too. I've gotten a ton of ideas from her; some day i hope to turn my smashed penny collection into super-neato jewelry. That's right, not only does she collect smashed pennies, but she makes her own jewelry.
Sound like anyone you know?
Anyhoo, she and her husband John -who appears regularly on both blogs- went on a book tour for the Cake Wrecks holiday book and the third stop was about 15 minutes from my house and conveniently on a weekend so i was able to go.
As is my way, i went early cause being short means that you need to be in the front if you are gonna see a dang thing. I scored a seat in the front row. SWEET!
As soon as they arrived, Jen and John were just as laid back and personable as they seem in cyberspace. They bring their own gear and set up themselves to alleviate any last minute kerfluffles with using other people's sound systems.
well, technically Jen waits
while John sets up

There was a pre-show pre-show, then a pre-show, then the show with both of them talking about some of their favorite wrecks and writing the blog and writing the book and being on a book tour and whatever seemed to occur to them.

It was entertaining, yet comfortable. Jen and John took questions and spent a long time with the audience. Before the actual book signing, though there was a contest for the best cupcake version of a cake wreck that audience members had made.

his shirt is Boba Fetch; really
 Plus, there was a Charm City Cake done as a wreck of Jen (i didn't get a pic before it was cut); that is the head sitting on the table in front of John.
As we went through the book signing line we were given a piece of it; yes, it was delicious.

I didn't have a book for her to sign -cleaning out my book shelves is on the 40 While I'm 40 list after all- so she signed on of the Epbot pins that they had made for the tour; i've turned into a fridge magnet.
Since she does steampunk crafting i gifted her some antique Victorian lace that i've hand-dyed for my own crafting purposes (like the pin and hair clip that i am wearing).
It is great when the people you want to meet are as nice in real life as you hope they are.


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I just flipped through this book at Sam's Club yesterday. Hysterical!