Saturday, December 17, 2011

tree swing

This note appeared on the front door to my house recently:

A tree swing you say?
No one in the house ever uses the back yard because... well, i'm not actually sure why. Directly behind the house is a circular drive and parking, then there is a garage/storage thing, but we do have open grass behind that. It is completely ignored by the residents, though.
Let's go see what upstairs neighbor Scott has done, shall we?

yippee! As promised, a spanking new tree swing hanging from the huge tree right outside of my sunroom.
And it has been hand-painted.

Of course it was 40 degrees out, the sun was setting and i was wearing a skirt so i didn't give the swing a test ride, but some day soon i shall take it for a spin.

It is the little details like this that make a house a home.
How awesome is it that Scott just did this and invited us all to share in his joy?

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Anonymous said...

OOOOOO That looks fun! and Happy!