Monday, December 19, 2011

Hail (a really big) Mary

If you've ever been on the Delaware Memorial Bridge between New Jersey and Delaware, you've probably noticed this large statue of Mary.
TM Joey and I were at one of my favorite schools in northern DE so during lunch we went on a quest to find her; basically we found her from the highway and just drove around neighborhoods until we found the church where she lives, Holy Spirit Catholic Church in New Castle.
From the road you can't tell how she was fabricated, but up close you can see the thousands of sheets of stainless steel welded together; it is truly amazing. Because of the spot welding technique, there are nooks and crannies where people leave rosaries and medals and prayer requests:

Named Our Lady Queen of Peace, the Delaware statue is one of a series done by sculptor Charles Parks and was dedicated in 2007.

From the road you can tell she is large, but like many giant sculptures you can't really appreciate her size until you stand right next to her.
At over 33 feet, Mary dwarfs everything around her, including TM Joey.

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