Thursday, January 5, 2012

as if i couldn't love my team more

Right before i left for work for the holiday, i rearranged the schedule so that i could take 2 full weeks (plus 1 day) off. But, there was a show on Friday (tomorrow) that i had to perform because there weren't enough people trained for the bookings. Today i called TM Joey to find out what time we needed to leave for the show tomorrow and he was all, What show? You're not on a show tomorrow. Katie learned that show. In my notes, you are off tomorrow.
That's right, people; the team got the shows covered and i don't have to go to work until Monday.
That will make 18 days off in a row!
It is the longest i have been out of the office since, well, ever.
sigh... i love my team
Thanks to whomever had the idea, anyone who helped with training and to TM Katie for learning the only show that can actually kill the performer if you screw up.

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Rea said...

No pressure there TM Katie with the whole "could kill you" comment! Enjoy your continued time off!