Wednesday, January 11, 2012

mental morsel #2

Last night i was combing through my commonplace book to do the annual reading review post this week and out fell the bottom of a benadryl box with the word circumbendibus scrawled on it.
Say it out load.
You can't tell me that word doesn't sound totally made up and if I -who bends the english language to suit my needs daily- think it sounds ridiculous, that's saying something.
Just from the roots you can figure out that it had something to do with going around something or, you know, bending something.
I seem to recall that i ran across it in the book The Anubis Gates.
Originating in the late 1600s, it means a roundabout way.
Try to use it in a sentence today, even though i bet you will have to fashion a circumbendibus sentence to make it fit.

ps- spellcheck totally thinks that i made that word up; i didn't, really


Rea said...

I think the fact that it is on the bottom of a Benadryl box says it's a word made up on the effects of antihistimine.

Oh, and the meaning I had in mind...isn't fit to be published here ;)

Anonymous said...

That's ridonkulous!