Saturday, January 28, 2012

mental morsel #3

How's your Egyptian mythology?
I have always loved all things Ancient Egypt and for one year (4th grade) wanted to be an archaeologist so i really like historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt or golden age of archeology (turn of the 20th century). I've been enjoying that Egyptian mythology is popping up in literature more and more.
Recently i read a four book series by R.L LaFevers about the 11 year old daughter of archaeologists who could see curses -her name is Theodosia Throckmorthon; isn't that the best name ever?- that was a fun read; however, it highlighted a mythology question that has been picking gently at my brain.
You see, i'm used to the evil God of Chaos (embodied by a serpent) being Apophis. I've read it in books -both fiction and non-fiction-, seen it in movies, heck, it was even in Stargate SG-1 (Col O'Neil would not lie to me, people).
Apophis. Got it.
Then last year, i saw the name Apep for the God of Chaos. No big. Egyptian religion wasn't static and there were a lot of changes over 3000 years, so i didn't think that much about it.
Then i saw Apep again in a different book, with no mention of Apophis.
Maybe there was more than one God of Chaos.
Maybe it was a male and a female deity.
Maybe i'd just ignore it.
Along comes little Miss Theodosia and the book is all Apep this and Apep that so i finally needed an answer to my question. After much research (well over 12 minutes), here you go, people:
Apep was indeed the Egyptian God of Chaos, but the Greek spelling and pronunciation is Apophis. The first was more widely used because we of western civilization take many of our cues from the Greeks, but the original Apep is now being used more often as it is closer to the original Egyptian. Also, it can be spelled several different ways.

phew... now i can sleep at night...

You may now continue with your day.

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