Sunday, January 8, 2012

it's new year's miracle

Stop the presses, people!
I actually have my New Year's cards made and mailed in the first week of January.
Normally, about now, i might have a design in mind or mayhaps even be prototyping.
 But this year, i'm DONE.
{okay, technically i still have to write inside the ones i am taking to work, but that's on the agenda for tonite}
Thanks to that extra day off, courtesy of my awesome team, i was able to really bust them out over a 3 day period.
The magic number this year was 75 and since i am neck deep in getting ready for the jewelry show I deliberately made the design a little easier to execute this year. It isn't completely stripped down like 2007, but it certainly isn't the double-sided, hand-painted odyssey of 2010 either. A lot of the visual interest was done with cutting; once it was designed i could set up an assembly line and get busy with my table top rotary cutter. There was a beaded element that took a bit of time, but i checked Season Three of Castle out from the library and did an 11 episode marathon to get it done.



Rea said...

You should have been watching Diva! Good for you though!!!

Kaaren said...

We got ours, thanks. PS LOOOOVE CASTLE! We own all 3 published "Richard Castle" books, and a couple of seasons.

Kaaren said...
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