Thursday, January 19, 2012

my favorite price is free

Perhaps you know that i am trying to wear every piece of jewelry that i own in a year; if it doesn't get worn i don't get to keep it. Now that we're over halfway through the challenge you might be wondering how i am keeping track; that would be my memory. Yes, MY memory.
Needless to say a new system was called for, especially for my earrings. You see i've been keeping the earrings on my vanity for the last mumbley-mumble years. I had a great idea of how i wanted to organize and display them, but just hadn't gotten around to doing it. So last week when i went to try to figure out which pairs i still needed to match to an outfit i was confronted with this:

That is a dog-gone disgrace.
When i did my practice earrings last month i fibered up an empty frame to display them and decided that i liked the idea so much that i'd try it for my room.
This frame was saved from a trash can.
Yep, it's a dumpster find and has been sitting on the sun porch for three years.
I cleaned it up and installed a picture hanger on the back.
(yes, my awesome ratcheting screwdriver is purple)
I already have a necklace holder over my vanity that my parents made for me a jillion years ago that i love, so i picked heavy fiber in purple and white to match it,
used the existing staples to wrap them and then trimmed and sealed the ends with my favorite adhesive.
The earrings are easy to access
and it looks pretty good, too.

is that crooked?

[BTW, there are only 32 pairs of earrings that i haven't worn yet and now that i can see them, i think that 5 or 6 might not make the cut]


Rea said...

Hey! I know that smiley face in the middle!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job! ..'s a little biggie! :-D