Friday, January 6, 2012

seeing my own city

When i go to a conference i love to take some time exploring the host city, but when it was my own city there just wasn't a lot of spare time. However, at lunch one day i did take a few moments to shoot some of the art conveniently located in the rooftop garden where i was eating:

As i shot that last picture i heard trumpet music drifting up from the street.
I didn't think that i had ever seen a street musician any place besides the Inner Harbor, but then it occurred to me that i am hardly ever any place in the city besides the Inner Harbor.

Not all public art is a joy, of course.
In the lobby of the conference is this travesty:
Man, i really, really don't like these creepy "real life" pieces at all.
{Do you remember when i found the courtyard of unholy, green children?}
Sometimes i still dream about them.

To make up for that icky statue i walked out onto Pratt St to cleanse my palate with one of my favorite piece of public art in Baltimore:

This big sail is supercool because it is kinetic; the wind spins it slowly. In fact, you have to really watch carefully sometimes to see it move at all.

Love it.

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Douglas said...

Always thought that thing would fall off.....