Friday, January 6, 2012

needle-phobia? Not here.

In 2011 i set a goal for myself that i would achieve maximum blood donation at the Red Cross.
You can donate every 58 days, which means that i would need to donate six times in a year.
I was restricted from donating for almost a year because of being sick, so in my head i told myself that if i hit maximum donation it would mean that i was truly well again.
I did it, baby!
This week was my sixth donation in 12 months.
I think we can call that fear of needles that i used to have gone, gone, gone.
And, i think that we can call me no longer endocrinely challenged.
And, i believe that i owe myself 10 shiny Gold Stars.
Now, i just have to keep it up since maximum blood donation is on my 40 while I'm 40 list, as well.
Have you given blood lately?  It's a new year; Donate Life, people.
(graphic from Oregon Pacific Chapter website)

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