Sunday, January 29, 2012

it is hard work to make sparkles

I am clavicle deep in getting ready for my first jewelry show next weekend.
It is already on your calender, right?
Well, just in case:
The Annual Soroptomist Jewelry Show
at Objects Found
Saturday, February 4th, 11-7
Sunday, February 5th, 11-4
818 Frederick Rd, Catonsville
I am one of six jewelry vendors who are participating; 20% of our sales will go to charity.
Come see me.
Anyhoo, i've converted the dining room portion of the great room into the jewelry studio. I was describing the setup to Rea and she requested some pictures; I think she is more than a bit incredulous of my descriptions of the organization since my studio often looks like raccoons are squatting there. (fTN Rob once declared that raccoons are the hobos of the animal kingdom)
So while i take a break from working in the studio, let's take a look, shall we?
beads, board and tools on the dining room table
metal, chains, spacers and hardware at my left hand
random bits and ring tops right behind me
findings, large tools and Santa at the end of the table
pieces drying in the kitchen after cleaning

Now who wants to bet that this stuff is still nicely laid out like this 2 months after the show?

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Rea said...

It looks very efficient! Thanks for the pictures!