Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's to 2012!

2011 was hectic and challenging, but overall i consider it a good year.

As far as last year's resolutions, i did pretty well:
1. Make volunteering a priority - did a bunch of information gathering and legwork, but not a lot of actual volunteering; this will remain the first priority for this year
2. Be pro-active, but patient about my health - i feel really good about not only my health, but my attitude about it; i'd call this one done
3. Establish and invigorate new and old relationships - yep
4. Write in my journal at least once a week - 39 out of 52 weeks, which is 75%

For this year's resolutions, i didn't do anything quantitative as i am still working on the 40 While I'm 40 List which is filled with quantitative goals, but instead went all qualitative with attitudes i need to make priorities:
Niki's Resolutions for 2012
1. Make volunteering a way of life
2. Treat time as a valuable resource
3. Set reasonable goals for myself
4. Live, instead of exist

Let's start out this year with a quote filled with anticipation from Jonathan Auxier's super-fun adventure book about a child thief who is blind, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes:
The start of any journey - whether pilgrimage or promenade - is one of life's true joys. Every moment is charged with an excitement about things to come. Obstacles and complications are seen not as discouragement, but as seasoning that improves the flavor of one's adventures.


Anonymous said...

Wait... where's the resolution about Taking Over the World?


Niki said...

shhhhhhhhhhhh... if you don't keep quiet about that Frack, you can forget your Cabinet position in the new Regime