Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mayhaps you've been subjected to my current agonizing over getting a pet.
I miss having an animal, but am never home.
I am going back and forth between a hamster and a corn snake.
The debate has been going on for months and thanks to my mom it can continue to rage for a bit longer as she got me

a ZhuZhu pet.
A ZhuZh pet with a pink mohawk.
Her name is Roxie.

Now, you need to understand that my mom did not know that i have been considering getting a hamster. Also, she had no idea what ZhuZhu pets were. She walks the aisles of the Walgreen's or CVS the way that i do and one day she saw these little toys on sale. Apparently when my mom sees a mechanical hamster with a pink mohawk, she thinks of me.
I was delighted, of course, but getting Roxie was only half of the fun.
Mom admitted that she had gotten another mohawked ZhuZhu named Pax for one of my nephews, but then decided to keep it for herself.
So at 11:30 one night me and my 76 year old mommy are on the floor of her apartment playing with mechanical hamsters,

which is a perfect illustration of why i am the way i am.


Melanie said...

That is awesome. :)

Douglas said...

Only in the Nikiverse.....

Erin said...

Do we need to discuss Hamstergate 2005 at the Kerst household? I would go with the corn snake ;)

Niki said...

E - just because you bought a pregnent hamster...

Anonymous said...

you DO know that they have cool tubes & stuff for these right? check it out!