Monday, December 1, 2008


I don't do Black Friday shopping; i don't really get the appeal.
I did go shopping over the weekend, however, at Bazaart!
  Located at the American Visionary Arts Museum, Bazaart! was a holiday arts and crafts show. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with weather more like the first week of November instead of the last, so i parked at work and walked over to AVAM. About half of the vendors i had seen over the summer, but there was plenty of new and exciting things to peruse.
 Art With a Heart is a "non-profit organization that provides interactive visual arts classes to underserved and disadvantaged Baltimore area residents." At their booth they were selling jewelry, furniture and art pieces that had been made in their classes. I liked a lot of the jewelry and decide to go with a 3D assemblage pin in the shape of a heart:
One of the new vendors I saw was Green Star Studio. Based around crazy little creatures called Knitimals she had dolls, pins, buttons, books, cards, coloring books, wallets, magnets, art, t-shirts, onesies, flashcards and toys. Not only is the art cute and the products high quality, but it was the best laid out, most festive booth at the show. And i'm not just saying that cause the artist/proprietor is the newly-married Mrs. team member AJ, Danamarie:
shown here doing the realllly fun part of being self-employed - paperwork. There were about a bazillion things i wanted from here and i see myself becoming a frequent shopper at Danamarie's Etsy shop, but i had to stay within my budget so i bought a little knitimal drawing for my desk (love his antlers) and a felt Knitimal head pin:

I had a good time, supported some good causes and bought new jewelry.


Kathy said...

How cool! I love that place. Jean and I did a photoshoot there, on the outside of course. I didn't realize they had events where vendors came with their homemade artwork and sold it to the public. Love your pin!

Rea said...

I beg your pardon, I happen to know that you DID get up and go Black Friday Shopping at Target!

Niki said...

I'm not sure talking to my BFF on the phone at 7:30am while she is in Target in Ohio counts... ;-)