Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elf Night, year 3

Once again a merry band of rogues from work (and related friends) went to the Salvation Army warehouse to help prepare all of the presents for the Christmas angels. This year our night was earlier than the last 2 years so we were doing a different task. All of the presents and clothes that had been bought for specific children had to be logged in via scanner and then distributed to the proper box. It was fun to try a different part of the process though it was not nearly as chaotic and frenzied. I think i might volunteer some time this week to get my fix of controlled chaos. They are using volunteers all the way till December 22nd. BLAST! Conscripted into volunteer service - you'll be hearing from my lawyers!

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, to be the Lindbergh baby!"
-Stewie Griffin