Friday, December 5, 2008


I was in-house on Tuesday (which is all too rare) eating lunch at my desk (not that rare) when an internal e-mail popped up (i almost turned that feature of Microsoft Outlook off, but decided that i wasn't at my desk often enough during the day to bother - Thank goodness!) announcing that someone in the Marketing Department had some free tickets to the Rockette's Holiday Spectacular for the next night. Marketing has some cool stuff like this occasionally, but the e-mails always come while we are on the road so the stuff is always gone by the time we get back from the road, dangit! I quick replied and secured THREE FREE TICKETS! I've never seen the Rocketts live, but am kinda amazed by the precision dancing and kicking. Sure, i would have loved my first time to be at Radio City in NYC, but the touring company was in Baltimore for a week and the tickets were free. I asked Jason and Kate to come along, since they were kind enough to have me over for Thanksgiving: I had called ahead and the lady i spoke to said that though there was no video or audio recording allowed, small personal cameras were fine. After i figured out the correct zoom for every part of the stage (we had pretty good seats, especially for comps!) they announced that there was to be no photography. UGH! Disappointing, to say the least. But the show was not disappointing at all; it really was spectacular. There was ice skating and bears doing the Nutcracker (how did the dancers perform with those biga** heads on? how could they even see?), 30+ Santas playing the hand bells on revolving stages, a breathtaking Nativity (real camels, people - it was incredible) and the Rockettes. Precision doesn't really describe it - i think they were even breathing in unison. They changed outfits a bunch of time, but i really liked the traditional toy soldier routine. Wow; it's something everybody should see live at least once in their lives.

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Melanie said...

Sounds like fun! (And Kate's haircut is super-cute!)