Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whimsy hair

Sometimes being a grown-up sucks : it's all deadlines and bills, responsibility this and budgets that. blech. Some days i just have to carry a little bit of fun on me to keep my heart from growing old: That's the whimsy hair that i was rocking at the artist's reception at work on Sunday. There is something fun about hair that is going in a bunch of different directions and something completely ridiculous about hair that borders on formal when you are wearing jeans. Each time i wear this non-traditional up-do it is different cause i just grab a chunk, twist it and pin it until all of my hair is up and somewhat under control. I have been wearing vintage clip-on earrings as accents in my hair for years, but i think they really suit the whimsy hair. This pair is one of my favorites - purple painted dogwoodesque flowers with a faceted purple stone center (left pic has better detail, but right pic has better color) :


Kaaren said...

Man. How'd you do that? I cannot do my OR Isabel's hair into anything cool. :(

Niki said...

Kaaren- the key is to not plan it out and to not really care how it looks at the end. When i TRY to make it cool, i look like a dork; when i just twirl and pin randomly it is whimsically delightful.

Anonymous said...

Baby Robin