Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disturbing decor

I get that people like to personalize their holiday decorations; i mean, i too have purchased golf balls dressed like Santa for my dad. But is it my imagination, or is the holiday niche decor even more over the top than normal this year?
I was shopping along, humming Winter Wonderland, minding my own business when i was confronted by the Dog Nativity:

Yikes! I mean some people love dogs, but really? I really have no problem with non-religious celebrations of Christmas, but if you're gonna celebrate Jesus' birthday dontcha think it should have a little more dignity than poodle and chihuahua angels?
And the most horrifying part is the PRICE
(despite it's audacity, i'm sure Kathy is heartened to see that the saviour is a Westie)
I really thought it couldn't get any scarier than that, until just 2 hours ago when i came face to face with the basketball player nutcracker:

What the heck is that about?
What is with his hair?
Who would buy that?


Stacey P said...

the answer is my mom.

Melanie said...

We are crazy dog people and even I think that the dog nativity is way over the top!

Erin said...

And why I ask, is the Sheltie not the Savior if the World?

Anonymous said...

...and it's probably sitting under my tree...

Kathy said...

I love it! I just saw a segment on the news where some churches are actually attaching a GPS to the baby Jesus in the outdoor nativity sets. I can't imagine stealing a baby Jesus from a church, but I would be very tempted to bid on the Westie Savior, hahahahaha.