Thursday, December 11, 2008

Places you didn't know existed

I collect little museums - i like to look for places off the beaten path or so specialized that there are a handful of people that are even conscious of their existence. Across from the Philly Conference Center there is tall thin building with magnificent light blue trim I walked over to get a better picture and found a delightful silver window proclaiming the existence of the Fabric Museum and Workshop. Founded in 1977, most of this building is studio and design space with one major gallery and a super-d-duper gift shop. There were 2 more spaces in buildings on the block containing more gallery space and another shop. I saw a HUGE tapestry based on a painting and watch an interesting program on how it was produced on one of the 2 largest computer run looms in the world. Definitely worth the $3 admission. On the same block is the Center for Architecture which looks like a random book store. There is a store in the front with a bitchin' selection of books, but there are also lots of architecturally related art and gifts. Not to mention gallery space focused on architecture in Philly. They also provide walking tours, but there just wasn't enough time. That will have to go onto my endless list of things to do.

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Erin said...

Is it weird that after reading the first sentence, I just pictured you with a handful of little model museums?