Saturday, December 6, 2008

How can it be December???

CRAP! How can the first week of December almost be over? I still have one more resolution to finish and not nearly enough to get it done. Resolution #3 is "Finish unpacking moving boxes" which is certainly reasonable since i moved 2.5 years ago. When i moved i had to get rid of about 40% of my belongings - it was pretty traumatic. And that is only added to the trauma of my family breaking up, which is why i moved in the first place. So needless to say, once i was in the apartment and i had unpacked all of the necessities i just abandoned a bunch of boxes. There aren't that many left - maybe... hmmmmm... 20ish - and they are out of the way on one side of my bedroom and one side of the sunroom. For a while i just didn't want to be bothered. Then i was uber-busy. Now... i don't know... maybe i'm just lazy. No, the biggest part of the problem is that i am down to the boxes that are multi-step unpacking. I have collections of unicorns, thimbles and Beanie Babies (yes, i've always been this random) that I am not going to keep, but i love all of them so much that i want to choose a few to keep (not quite as difficult as Sophie's choice perhaps, but close in some cases) and then take pictures of all the rest so that i can scrapbook all of their stories (cause you just know they all have stories) once i get rid of them and then i need to actually find a place for the ones i am keeping. There are 5 boxes of vintage and collected barware, but the hutch i am currently using as my bar only has 2 shelves : i'm not really sure how to solve that problem without bending time-space. Then there are the boxes of books; i have to clean off all of the stuff currently being stored on the bookshelf before i can put the books in their rightful place. How am i supposed to get this done when i only have 3 days off from work before Christmas, then i'm in Florida for a week and then it's 3 days until New Year's with a new crop of resolutions? A few days ago i decided to at least open a few boxes while i watched a DVD (oh how i loved Wall-E, oh how i love RedBox) to see if maybe there was some stuff i could get rid of; i mean, if i haven't needed it for 2 years maybe i don't need it now, right? Wrong. I did 2 boxes of books and only found 4 for the Book Thing. I did one box of barware and couldn't bear to be parted with anything - i was brutal when i culled the herd 3 years ago and there was really only super cool, unique stuff in there : Then there were things that i knew were packed, but i didn't realize how much i missed them until i saw them, like these 2 guys: my Pooh Bear from when i was little (my brother once told me that if you put a stuffed animal in the washing machine it would come alive; instead of being excited and trying it (which is what you'd think my reaction would have been) i had nightmares about it and vehemently wouldn't let any of my animals anywhere near the washing machine) and Five, my bear from my high school boyfriend (his full name is Leroy Melvin Burch, the Fifth - can you believe that?). It took hours to do just those three boxes and I only put half of it away, with the rest being creatively moved around in the dining room. How am i ever gonna get this done?


Rachel said...

After more moves than I can count, I realized that if it doesn't get unpacked in the first week, it doesn't get unpacked at all. The last couple moves I made sure it all was unpacked in the first week. Only took me how many moves to wise up?

Mike said...


I'll take care of some of that bar ware until some day you all can be reunited. Maybe you can hold on to the box until we come up for a visit next year. Or, maybe Jason and Kate can find room for a box or two until we have time to rescue it.


Niki said...

Mike, that is super sweet of you! wait a second... are you trying to get your hands on the rest of the 1950s gold and black diamiond set?!? ;-)