Monday, December 8, 2008

excitement at job #2

Yesterday at Objects Found we hosted an artist's reception for polymer clay artist, Gina Prisaznick-Caplan : My boss at the store, Reggie, is really involved in the community; she likes to support local charities and highlights regional artists. This is our third or fourth artist reception this year (i can't remember exactly since i didn't start working there until springtime) and was sponsored by local realtor George Brookhart. I love the barely controlled chaos of an event inside the store : putting out food and beverages among and in merchandise, finding out about the artist so that you can chat with customers, meeting the artist and finding places to display the extra pieces s/he bring for the event in an already at-capacity store. We have had a few pieces of Gina's in the store before, but she brought a lot more stock including pieces she'd created specifically for the event. Each piece utilizes polymer clay in some way and many include found and natural objects. There were larger wall pieces, small pendants and just about everything in between : I really like the butterfly above, but my favorite of the larger pieces was a focal spiral with pink leaves on a highly texturized background and my favorite piece of jewelry was the wish bracelet The pieces were pretty reasonably priced for art and both Gina and her manager Brandi were fun to talk to during the afternoon. They left most of the pieces that didn't sell at the store (818 Frederick Rd, Catonsville) where you can see them and possibly acquire one for yourself. [added bonus of seeing me hard at work if you come on Sundays] You can also learn more about Gina's work at The Willow & The Rowan.

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