Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eat here

What a delight to find little local eateries. The other day in Chestertown, Maryland we came upon The Village Bakery. I don't remember seeing it before, so we stopped. Can you say adorable? This place was warm and quaint and smelled good and even had delicious art: Team member AJ got grilled cheese, team member Carrie ordered the roasted veggie wrap and i was all about the chicken noodle soup. Everyone agreed that their food was excellent. And check out these donuts: Yumtastic! I had a caramel glazed (far left) and AJ had a sprinkled (middle) one; Carrie had some mini muffins. If we didn't have to go to our afternoon show i think the 3 of us could have just hung out on the couches sipping peppermint hot chocolate and chatting. the prices were reasonable and the staff was super sweet. I really recommend this place if you are ever near Chestertown; i think this pic of Carrie pretty much sums up how we all felt about the experience:

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