Monday, June 20, 2011

a case of the Mondays

5 AM: what the heck is the noise?
Why won't it stop?
Somebody make it stop.
Crap; it's my alarm clock.
5 AM?
Two weeks of sleeping in until 7:30 has made me forget that 5 AM exists.
Reset to 5:30, which seems more reasonable.
In what world could 5:30 be considered a reasonable time to get up?

so dreary outside...
so very, very dreary...
If i have to get up at this indecent hour, can't there at least be clear skies and birds singing?
Even the birds elected to go back to the nest when they saw this crappy, crappy morning.

There is only one way to make it today -

now that's cheerful
 a giant, daisy in my hair.
Mayhaps that will chase the blech away.

Have a great, non-dreary Monday everybody.
At least, try.


Melanie said...

Ahh, except for the weather, that reminds me of our summer living together!

Niki said...

"...i have ELS youth check in"
"i've gotta use the Merlin..."