Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the Force was not with them

We have been trying various experiments with Peeps for our summer theater program at work.
In response to Frack's fervent wish from yesterday's comments, I did indeed bath a Peep in 30% H2O2

oops; mayhaps i should have worn gloves

 (hydrogen peroxide that is 10 times more concentrated than the stuff you have in your bathroom cabinet; if you get it on your skin, it instantly lyses the cells, as illustrated brilliantly by the photo of the idiot at right)

Just like it did a great job stripping my skin, the Peep's sugary blue layer was quickly dissolved and then much more slowly some of its marshmallowy innards were broken down. It wasn't very interesting, frankly, except that the eyeball floating in the solution never did break down.

However, what was interesting happened yesterday when i combined burning magnesium ribbon with Peeps; it looked a little like they were brandishing light sabers.
You could even get them to look like they were dueling, or more likely (since all Peeps are brethren in sugar), to look like they were crossing sabers in a Jedi salute.

We are the three Peepskateers!
Through many trials i was able to find about the right length of magnesium for a brilliant white burn that lasted long enough to look awesome, but not long enough to set off fire detectors. Unfortunately, there were some injuries:

                  In fact, by the end there was quite a bit of Peepy carnage. I like to call this picture, Peeps Bonfire Gone Horribly Wrong
ohhhhh, the humanity
Yes, this really is what i do for a living. Now, if you'll excuse me, lunch is over so i need to go secure the newly delivered tank of sulfur hexaflouride (heavier than air gas that will make me sound like Barry White) and then go practice slingshotting water balloons at the museum.


Never Too Busy said...

It's awesome to love you work :-D

Anonymous said...

How bright is the magnesium strip one? I saw someone (from FI, big surprise) use some powdered Mg on flash paper, and then saw some lovely spots for the next minute. Why do I ever sit next to those people?


Niki said...

How many times have i told you not to run around with those wild FI kids?
Burning Mg produces both visible and UV radiation and can damage your retina if you are too close, dork.
The white flash is pretty darn bright so the performers will be wearing UV sunglasses and the audience will be far enough away.