Tuesday, June 7, 2011

somewhat common situations around my office

If you are hungry, fTM Megan will whip you up some hot dogs on a thermal plate,

then TM Sam will use a propane torch to toast the marshmallows on a S'mores Pie next to VanDeGraaff generator wreckage.

When the new, stronger VDG (400,000Volts instead of 125,000Volts) arrives everyone wants to stand in line to feel the shock and Commander Laura is peer pressured into being the first to fully touch it among cries of Do it, Do it, Do it.
And Accounts Payable in the finance office doesn't even blink anymore when you turn in receipts for 1140 Peeps.
Why so many Peeps? you ask.
Tune in tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please please please let the peeps have a date with some 30% H2O2...