Sunday, June 5, 2011

a suitable end

Friday was the last day of regular programming for my team.
In some ways this has been one of the best and one of the worst years in my career.
It has certainly seen a lot of changes, that's for sure.
But through it all, the actual moments with kids -on stage or in a classroom or at the museum- makes everything worthwhile.
Plus, it really is a job that puts you in situations every day that you never quite expect.
I was doing the last shows of the season with Adult Safety Partner Jasmine when we decided that since the heat had broken we'd eat lunch at a nearby park. There was a super playground, so of course we went to play after eating and i spotted something i had never seen before - drums on the playground:

Yes, indeed; gourd shakers, bongos and congas all formed in plastic and attached right to the super-structure. For being plastic, they actually sounded pretty good.

Do i even need to tell you how happy playing drums in the sunshine between my final shows of the year made me?

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Melanie said...

You got the music in you!