Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer storm

There's nothing like feeling the pressure shift as evening falls after a hot, hot, hot summer day. You can hear the leaves rustling just a little bit more and sense the hot breeze is heralding a change. The sky is too dark to show clouds, but you know it's coming. You can feel it.
It seems like the whole world is holding its breath when you finally catch the rumble of distant thunder.
You can hear it moving, pacing closer.
The wind picks up, blowing hot around you with just a flirt of chill.
Was that a drop?
Closer and closer, the rumbles turn to cracks.
Until the sky lights up like the day.
By lightening flashes you can see the storm rolling towards you, knowing that the incessant heat is about to break... any time now...
More lightening.
More thunder.

Was that a drop?

Was that?

From one fat drop landing on the lens to a thousand
mini pools of water falling from the sky, in an instant the rain has arrived.

Time to close the camera and dance.


Douglas said...

What beautiful prose : )

Niki said...

thanks (blushing)

Anonymous said...

U R Awesome! :-D