Friday, June 10, 2011

why i hate formatting changes

So i've been trying to catch up on blog post -per my 40 list- as there are, no joke, about 20 in the queue right now. Somewhat recently i changed over to the newer Blogger posting format. I really like that it is easier to hang pictures in text, put on captions, and edit within the blog, plus i super love that i can see an accurate post preview.
 However i don't like that you can't stack pictures or change a picture to non-text hanging without doing it in HTML and who has the time for that nonsense?
But, i had convinced myself that it wasn't that big of a deal.
Until now.
I had to look up an old post to answer a comment -Michelle, i have your hair picture answer in the comments of the Jewelry Roundup- and found that all of my old posts changed over to the new formatting.
Which totally screws up the spacing.
If you back-read, it now looks like i don't understand the concept of paragraphs and stick pictures in the middle of sentences for no reason.
I guess in my vast free time i'll go back and check the format on every single flippin' post - you know, there's only like 940 of them!

phew... just had to let that out... i might be over-tired... sorry


Rea said...

Or realize..."It doesn't have to be perfect...seriously."

Niki said...

Thanks, baby; you know that sometimes i need to hear that.
I was really tired and frustrated with work stuff when i found the formatting issue. I feel better now.