Friday, June 24, 2011

nothing says Thank You...

... quite like a giant pile of bacon.

The new theater show went great yesterday -thanks to everyone who wished me well- even though it wasn't fully staged since Jason is in Houston. Co-worker Abby spent 2 days that she should have been using to finish preparing for her summer camp next week learning enough of the show to partner me.
In celebration and as thanks, I took her out to lunch after the show. She order a white pizza with bacon and the cook was not messing around, people; there was so much bacon on it that you couldn't actually see the cheese underneath. Abby loves some bacon, but had to pick off so much as she ate the pizza that she ended up with a pile of bacon to take home and use in some other meal.
Perhaps it was the released tension of finally getting through the show, but we were both giddy with delight at her pile of thank you bacon.
So remember, when someone has gone out of their way to help you, think salted, cured pork products.


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ohhhhh myyyyyyy......that's a house favorite. nuthin says Luv like a pile of greasy salty bacon....where'd you get that pie from? i must go there! :-D