Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Henry

A few weeks ago i participated in the National Road Yard Sale. It was a hoot; you can read Michelle's account of it here, along with pictures of her and Cassie doing a rousing rendition of the Village People's YMCA with Y-A-R-D.
But the most important thing to know about that day is that in payment for my hard work i acquired Henry:
Yes, he is a devilled egg plate shaped like a chicken.
I can not explain my deep love of this odd object.
Every time i look at him i get the giggles.
It is just so... so... RIDICULOUS.
Maybe Rea had control of the brain that day -you are aware that my BFF and I share a brain, right?- or something, but i just HAD to have this chicken plate. I said to myself, Self, you could get him and send him to Ohio, but i knew that i was lying. I just wanted him for myself.
And yes, i'm aware that most of you, including those who raise chickens, might try to convince me that this is a hen and not a rooster, but i KNOW in my heart of hearts that it is a boy and his name is Henry.
The only real question i have is about his maker's mark: Teleflora. Teleflora? Aren't they the flower people? What kind of bouquet comes with a chicken-shaped egg plate?
Anyhoo... he's mine now.
Anyone having a cookout? I'll bring the devilled eggs!


BrendaNery said...

This is so cute!

Rea said...

Looks like a "HENry" to me!! Thanks for at least pretending you were going to send it to me....even though I WAS in control...and picked it out!