Tuesday, July 23, 2013

actual phone call from today

My BFF normally calls in the morning and evening so that we can touch base and share our daily goals.
This morning I was out running errands when she phoned (not in a thousand years would she anticipate me already being at the bank at 9am) and missed her.
So once the groceries were put away (who am I kidding? the groceries made it to the fridge, but are still in the bags) I gave her a call back.
Rea (slightly out of breath): It figures you would call now. I just fell down. Let me call you back.

That's right people, not only do I fall down myself, but now my mere presence heralds gravity's domination over us all.
My name is Niki and I am a Harbinger of Doom.

1 comment:

Rea said...

No...you are not the harbinger of DOOM...that bird was!

but seriously, LOL