Sunday, July 21, 2013

reality is funnier than fiction

So how about this heat?
(statement in compliance with internet mandate that one must comment on the obvious)
The temperature is oppressive and horrible, but it IS July;
 one expects Maryland the be a humid furnace in July.
Drastic temperatures bother me more when they are unexpected: those sudden steamy or frigid days in Spring and Autumn that just  pop up, make you miserable and then disappear.
There was a stretch of four such icky days in May.
Coincidentally it was also the week that the AC broke at the Parisian Flea and that there was a photo shoot scheduled for the Baltimore Sun.
The pictures were to accompany this story about formal 1920's style parties.
Which means tuxedos.
Tuxedos in unseasonable heat.
Tuxedos in unseasonable heat without air-conditioning.
Here is the published photo of my boss, Andrew, by Gene Sweeney Jr.

He looks so dapper, right?

What you can't see is me hiding behind the sterling cases laughing hysterically and then calling Andrew's name to take this picture:
The best part of the shoot -besides the surrealistic hilarity of the whole thing- was that all of the champagne saucers were filled with real champagne which the three of us then drank, toasting to anything that popped into our heads.
Mayhaps that was a contributing factor to the hilarity.


Rea said...

Great pictures...such fun!

Anonymous said...

sayyyyy....that's a rather handsome fella! and i LIKE his formal/informal combo - expecially the plaid - perfect ensemble! LOL