Tuesday, July 30, 2013

why wasn't it on clearance?

With standing gigs at three different store, festivals, babysitting and housesitting I wouldn't know where I am supposed to be from hour to hour without my planner.
Last year I found the PERFECT planner: it is the right size for my purse, has monthly dividers for quick glances, has large boxes without lines, is spiral bound so I can tuck my pencil right in the binding, has heavy, protective covers and is even pink for goodness' sakes.
I love it.
However, it is a student planner, so July is the last month in my beloved planner.
Last month I went to the same store where I bought my planner, but they didn't have any of the same design. They did have a jillion others so I spent over a half hour leafing through pages, fitting pencils, running pocket book tests, and generally trying to find an equivalent to what I have.
Finally I settled on an 18 month planner that is the same size, spiral bound, with both the plastic covers and large boxes; as an added bonus, it is burgundy. Plus, with it going from July this year through December of next year i'd be back on the regular world calendar instead of a school year calendar.
Yesterday I spent an hour modifying it to be exactly what I need:
- extraneous dividers and pages were cut out to make room for my pencil
- important pages were adhered to each other to give them extra weight
- all of the remaining pages were trimmed with a straight edge and exacto to make room for the tabs
- color  matched tabs were cut, labeled, and installed
It was perfect and ready to go to work.
I filled in all of my set work days for the next two months and then contacted Andrew to get his vacation dates.
That is when things started to get hinky.
He sent me dates that didn't match up with my calendar.
Of course he is also sick so I questioned and requestioned him.
After about 10 minutes of this I had a sickening epiphany:
It is a 2012/2013 book instead of a 2013/2014 book.
Mayhaps you are wondering how in the world I could have missed such a thing.
Did I mention that I looked through a jillion planners?
I must have just noticed the big 2013 on the title page and assumed it was July 2013 through December 2014.
Why wouldn't you title it "2012-2013 Planner"?
Besides, why would they have a planner on the shelves that is already 67% invalid?
Yes, it still had 6 good months in it, but you'd think they wouldn't be charging FULL PRICE for 6 months. One would think that the store would put something a full year past its starting date on sale. If there had been a sale sticker on it I would have examined it a bit more closely.
So after all that work I didn't have 17 months prepped; I had 5 months.
After throwing a bit of a hissy in the studio and then placating myself by sharing sushi with fTM Amy I went to FOUR stores and still don't have a planner like the one that ends tomorrow.

I'll be right back.

Since yesterday I'd calmed down about it, but after typing out the story I was so incensed again that I ripped out all of the expired months from the burgundy planner.
 [it might not have been such a good idea to do it right over my lunch]
Now at least I have the next five months covered without the offensive pages mocking me every time I open the book.
That will give me time to contact the manufacturer of my pink planner to see if they still produce the model I love and if they sell it online.


Douglas said...

D'oH! The Thwart Hog strikes again!

Anonymous said...

that is so frustrating!
that is so wrong!