Sunday, July 7, 2013

are your spots painted on?

I don't sleep at home much during the month of July because I house sit for a string of friends.
(dear potential thieves: that doesn't mean that my house is empty. not to mention, what would you steal anyway? It's not like my Pez collection is still there)
Right after I arrived at my current abode with the cutie beagle Guiness, I looked at him and thought that his large shoulder spot was running.

Was that there 10 minutes ago?
Has it always been there?
Have I maybe never noticed it?
Is his fur changing with age?
I thought all of these things in rapid succession.
I mean I really thought that somehow he developed a stripe or that I hadn't noticed it in the years I have been staying with him.
It had been a long day.
Then realized that my hand was black, too.
Must be from petting him, my razor sharp mind deduced.
A perfect line of dirt the same color as his spots from under his dad's truck.
I was able to get some of it off, but now he just needs a full-on bath. We'll leave that for his humans.

Less than an hour later, the cat stood on her back paws, grabbed my wrist with her front paws and took a bite of my brown sugar pop-tart.

I think it is gonna be a long month


Erin said...

And here you'll have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a fish. Good luck ;)

Niki said...

Wait, there's a fish?
You didn't mention a fish.
The deal is off.

Erin said...

I swear Toodles is probably the best behaved living creature in this house. Promise.

Kate Castellucci said...

And to's not even February! But my, what a cute dog he is. :) Oh, and p.s., the cat has a weird obsession with toaster pastries.