Tuesday, July 30, 2013

watching paint dry

I am working a few paintings and collages in the NikCo studio right now.
It is always a good idea to have more than one going at a time because each layer of paint or glue or gesso or mod podge or whatever has to set before you add more stuff.
Late one night last week there was a moment where every single project was in process at the same time and I was sitting at my table watching paint dry.
Not sleepy enough to call it a night and not ready to begin something new I kinda just sat there for a few minutes thinking, What to do? What to do?
Which is how I ended up painting my nails three different colors.
These great Revlon colors are normally out of the Niki price range, but on sale with coupons I went nuts. Unable to decide which of my pretty new colors I wanted to wear it seemed perfectly reasonable at 1am to wear all three.
Beware lag time in the studio.

noteRon and I tried several different poses, angles, props and lighting while we were eating lunch and they were all terrible. This "artfully draped over flowers" pic was the best of the crappy bunch. Since he took it from directly above it looks like  I am trying to strangle the flowers - there will be no beauty in the world to rival my awesome nails!
And that is the best; you do not even want to know what it looked like I was doing to the flower vase.

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Anonymous said...

you MAKE me want to see the other pictures.....ESPECIALLY the flower vase! you just canNOT put these pictures in my mind and say "nay"!!!


ps-they ARE very pretty colors