Saturday, July 13, 2013


A person's pantry tells a lot about them.
When housesitting i enjoy trying to glean insight into my friends' day to day lives by checking out the pantry. [and alphabetizing their spices because who in the world would look for the garlic powder next to the cinnamon?]
For instance, you can tell that a family with a few young children live in a house where Nilla Wafers and Shells and Cheese are purchased in bulk.


what's that tucked behind the Nilla Wafers?

I didn't even know they still made this stuff.
I loved Tang as a kid.
The last time i had it must have been decades ago and i'm pretty sure it involved copious amounts of cheap, crappy vodka.
I definitely got have some Tang.

Being in someone else's kitchen is a constant guessing game.
 Pitcher... pitcher... pitcher... where is there a pitcher?
You know, a giant measuring cup will work just as well.
I made this Tang at 2am, put it in the fridge and drank it nice and cold with breakfast.
Tastes just like i remember: yummy in an odd way.
Thank you NASA for popularizing Tang; i enjoy it, even if Buzz Aldrin doesn't.

Now for the Mental Morsel of today's blog post:
It should surprise no one that the inventor of Tang -William A Mitchell- also invented Cool Whip and Pop Rocks: "foods" that are also as tasty as they are unnatural.


Douglas said...

We weren't allowed to have Tang ;(

Something about it being 'hot' whatever that means....

Erin said...

The spices were that way because of what we use most-easy access ;)

Rea said...

Oh-oh...sounds like the cinnamon must need to be moved back!