Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bastille Day sale


I spent the entire day sorting and pricing vintage jewelry at my Thursday gig -
The Parisian Flea in Hampden.
sigh... so many lovely, sparkly things

Bastille Day is Sunday
and the store is celebrating all this weekend.
The kickoff tomorrow night will feature
champagne and fabulous deals.
Andrew hasn't announced all of the sales yet, but I can give you an inside scoop that costume jewelry will be on sale and that there are a lot of pieces for sale that haven't been seen before.
A LOT of pieces.
Trust me on this one; I think I touched more cool jewelry today than I have in the last two months.
Go say HI to Andrew, have some champagne and for the love of Pete
 buy some jewelry -
I have to put away any of the stuff I got out today that doesn't sell.
  Here is the list of what's on sale this weekend;
 I think Andrew has lost his mind.

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