Friday, July 19, 2013

Zachary's button

My nephew heard me talking to his mom -my BFF- about getting a pretty NikCo button for the blog's sidebar to link to my Etsy store instead of the icky, boring link that is there now.
 I knew that there are sites where you can make them pretty easily.
Z piped up that he'd been working on his HTML and would like to make a button for me.
Well okey-dokey then.
Right before he left for camp this week he emailed that he was pretty sure he had it done, but needed the pic that I wanted as my button; even at 12 he knows that branding is everything.
Here ya go, Z:
Thanks for all of your hard work.
Look for my new button in the sidebar sometime soon.


Douglas said...

Icky. Boring. His words, or yours?

Rea said...


He is going to be beyond thrilled to have a blog post just to/about him!!


Niki said...

Indeed, I said the current link was icky and boring.