Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick Quotes 9

Yesterday I had to open the Parisian Flea because Andrew was sick and needed to go to his doctor.
I was showing rings to one of our regular customers when he arrived late in the afternoon with prescriptions and shopping bags in hand.
After saying hello to both of us, he set down all of his bags and said, My Uncle Cupcake owns a farm.
No follow-up; just Uncle Cupcake owns a farm.
I was sure that the infection had spread to his brain.
The customer and I both looked at him like he was an alien.
After about a minute he continued,
My uncle's nickname is Cupcake, he is a farmer and it is his birthday soon; look at what I found and he held up a block printed birthday card of a farmer on a tractor pulling a cart with a GIANT cupcake in it.
It all made perfect sense, but his delivery was so random that I am going to adopt that phrase for... well, something... it is too good not to utilize somehow.
this is NOT the card he bought, but a similar one that can be purchased here

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