Thursday, July 4, 2013


It has been a year since i gave blood to the Red Cross.
Right after hitting my goal of maximum allowable donation (every 2 months) i hit a little blerp in my blood chemistry and needed to take one cycle off.
Then the whole job drama caused a series of blerps in both my life and my mood.
I just couldn't quite work up the gumption... no, that's just not the right word...
I just couldn't quite make myself care. I would make an appointment and then call to cancel at the last minute or even just not show. Not really sure what my deal was.
But no more!

let's be honest here
the nifty lapel pins also appeal to me
Every national holiday the Red Cross has a Baby Brigade drive specifically for donors with type O blood that is also CMV negative, which can be given to preemies, sick babies and kids with leukemia.
Guess who qualifies.
Even knowing that my blood was used for dying babies wasn't enough to get my butt in that chair this last year.

This morning i walked into my donation center and gave a unit of my blood to celebrate not only America's Independence Day, but my own as well.

Whatever miasma of apathy that had swirled around me for FAR TOO LONG has cleared.
Good freaking riddance.

Happy Birthday, America!


Rea said...

GO YOU! I'm so proud of you!

Douglas said...

"Who is Clara Barton, Alex."